Shopper’s preference impact on Business

If you look at online shopping service surveys being conducted in the United States, Europe, UAE as well as Australia, you could see that online retailing has become one of the most growing sectors. The lifestyles of people that belong to the changes in the demographical environment have affected a lot on these different trends. It has become quite an important thing for businesses to switch their attention more in to these areas in order to survive in the industry. Customers have a lot of other different substitutes available and it’s not like with the past generations, who stayed quite loyal with the people they buy from. Now the customers view more on the benefits they get than stick to a particular brand at all time.


This has made it necessary for companies to offer their customers with more personalized or customized online shopping experience to grab and hold their attention with the business. These different surveys and analytical reports that are prepared by many researchers bring down several trends. If you take a look at each of these, you will see that people’s preference on internet purchasing and behaviour online has created opportunities for businesses. See below how such people choices that are affecting the company’s operations.


Frequency of purchases


Since people don’t have to physically walk into a store, their frequency to buying something is quite higher. It has been reported that in Europe the percentage of people buying online within a week is 27%, within two weeks remark a 18% while it states a percentage of 33% purchasing every month. This simply shows that the sales for a company are definitely going up as opposed to a store that has only a local store. The changing lifestyles of people are making them quite limited on time for people to go shopping from store to store.


Simple Processes


Customers prefer to buy from stores that have simple online procedure. If the site requires registering, creating accounts and then filling up multiple forms and a separate procedure to make payments, it’s highly unlikely that the customer will buy off that site unless they really want this product. The business should shift more towards creating simple processes to attract more people of different ages.


Quick response


People now a days have very less patience in waiting for anything which is why if your business, sales staff or customer support end does not reach out to the customers with queries, someone else will and offer them a different product. It’s very important to have an online store that responds to customers as fast as possible; quicker the better.


These are some of the customer preferences that have affected the businesses way of doing online operations.

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